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Policy Positions

Constituent Service Program

I pride myself on being responsive to the needs of my neighborhood. Too often I hear stories about concerned residents that are frustrated by their community’s lack of responsiveness to necessary repairs and infrastructure updates. Your local government is responsible for addressing the needs of the community, for removing low hanging tree limbs, and repairing city streets. You deserve peace of mind and I am working to make sure that you get it.

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I have a proven track record of ensuring that members of my district are actively listened to. Upon hearing that residents wanted new street paving done near the Modern, I reached out to multiple points of contact to make sure that the project would be completed in a timely manner. Additionally, I have had had residents reach out to me individually to support them on their more personal needs. In fact, I have shared one such event below.

“I really appreciated Commissioner Fletcher’s assistance with my recent zoning case for a porch renovation. He took the time to understand the issue and ensure that my neighbors were also on board with the change. He ended up having to raise the issue in multiple ANC meetings in order to get it brought to the table. He stuck with my issue and continued to push for it until we were able to get our approval vote. I’ve heard horror stories from others about going through their ANC(s) but Commissioner Fletcher was a great advocate through the whole process.” -Frank J

I have taken the initiative and am working to make the Constituent Service Program a resource that all residents are not only aware of, but also do not hesitate to utilize. It is a streamlined process for making requests through a direct portal located on both the ANC5A website and my website with a clear listing of needs capable of being met. Basic requests will be logged into the 311 system for maximum efficiency. We will work to address and manage the more intricate needs via a directly collaborative effort with the appropriate government agencies.

Tracking open cases regularly will ensure accountability on myself and my team’s part to uphold the needs of the community as our foremost priority.

Public Safety

I enjoy the peaceful, family-friendly environment of our community. Our neighborhood has been described as “peaceful, suburban, and community oriented” in various newspaper articles. We are a proud and diverse neighborhood composed of duplexes, triplexes, and townhomes. I pledge to maintain the tranquility of this community. I promise this to you both as you Single Member District (SMD) representative but more importantly, as your neighbor.
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However, strife can occur even in the best of communities. I pledge to positively engage the individuals who are having difficulties. Additionally, I will work with community stakeholders to identify the root causes of the problem to craft a reasonable solution- counseling, mediating, or engaging city services.

My goal is to ensure that our community is a tranquil, family-friendly environment for all of its residents. To achieve this goal, I am building a public-private partnership between the community and DC government agencies. On March 28, 2020, I successfully shepherded a letter of support and received approval from the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 5A to create a Crime Safety Taskforce. This Task Force, is in part composed of like-minded citizens who want to have a safe, well-maintained community.

I am working with the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), Fourth District, to secure it as the first private component. I am soliciting the help of Mr. Derek Staten, Community Outreach Coordinator, and Mrs. Magdalena Acevedo, Community Prosecutor from the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Mr. Staten has contacts in various DC agencies, including the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR). He can also provide wrap- around services for families in need. Mrs. Acevedo can provide the legal support needed to resolved various issues.

The Task Force and I agree that community policing is necessary and welcome in our community, We remember Officer Lucas as a shining example of exceptional community policing. Officer Lucas regularly patrolled the North Michigan Park community, especially the Recreation Center, McDonalds, and many other youth hangouts. His presence was a positive influence.

While I fully recognize that not every citizen or police officer has the temperament of Officer Lucas, MPD can still establish bicycle, scooter, or segway patrols in our neighborhood. In fact, the Fourth District has had 23 officers deployed by patrol by means other than scout car according to the 2019 MPD Police Oversight Hearing. I will ensure the return of community policing to our community.

In summary, this Task Force is a citizen-led public safety initiative. They will identify and obtain those DC government services needed by our residents such as community policing, violence interrupters, mental health, crisis interventions, recreation, and other assistance as needed. Now is the time to act as MPD resources are being redistributed among various DC government programs. I will fight for every dollar this community deserves.

Affordable Housing

I have recently furthered my investment in tis community by purchasing a home in ANC 5A08 and found it to be a rewarding, yet frustrating experience. Home ownership is a part of the American Dream and everyone should have the ability to experience it. Yet, who can buy a home when options in the areas they live in are so limited by the high cost of housing?
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I have found a surprisingly simple solution to this problem. There are several abandoned and damaged homes throughout our community. So why not auction abandoned properties to working class citizens? These houses are not contributing to our tax rolls, they are simpling amassing liens. Making these properties available to citizens allows the city to collect property, income, and sales taxes from the homeowners while reducing abandoned homes in ANC 5A08. We can not afford to have non-productive assets in the age of COVID-19.

I proposed waiving outstanding liens and auctioning the abandoned properties. Working class citizens should compose the eligible bidders. There are many sources that state that our working class citizens can no longer live in the city due to increased housing costs. This auction can be used to secure housing for this overlooked group.

This bold plan was successfully implemented in the 1990’s by a prior administration that faced many of the same issues. They were astounded by the number of participants and at the overall success of that program then, and I think we can do the same now!

In summary, I am asking you to join me in increasing home ownership opportunities in our community while reducing the amount of damaged and abandoned properties. The auction will provide two important dividends. First, it will move unproductive property back onto the local tax rolls while improving the aesthetics of the community. Second, local housing will be provided to the working class who often earn too much to qualify for subsidies but not enough to purchase a home. I am committed to making affordable housing a reality in ANC 5A08 for our citizens


Providing the children of this community the best educational experience is one of my chief priorities. The only way to holistically deliver that is to set the foundation for a fair presentation of either option of education: public or charter, and supporting freedom of choice within our community. Between DC Public Schools and charter schools, familiers within my Single Member District should have the opportunities to select the type of education they want for their child.
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As a proud and successful product of both public and private school, I support the two charter schools arriving in my district, Rocketship and Social Justice School. I absolutely recognize the opportunities that each form of schooling brings to the table. This fuels my position as a proponent for their coexistence. Yet, I am not insensitive to the ongoing debate that persists between them. I recognize the need for a further measure of accountability on the part of charter schools and to further ensure that seats at DCPS schools are being properly filled.

Creating the opportunity for families to develop informed decisions regarding the form of schooling their children receive is essential. As it pertains to ANC5A-08, families will have my support in obtaining the form of education they want for their children.

Records of Accomplishments

List of Accomplishments To-Date

Arranged and completed several ANC5A08 community walks with representatives from the Mayor’s office and the Ward 5 Councilmember’s office. As a result, several longstanding infrastructure repair requests have finally been completed. (For example, trees trimmed, sidewalks repaired, new lights installed.)

In November of 2018, he was re-elected as Commissioner of ANC5A08. In his current 2019-2020 term, he has served as Vice Chairperson of ANC5A.

Initiated and managed the process for ANC5A to get a website, enabling better communication with ANC5A residents.

Developed working relationships with the leaders of the North Michigan Park Civic Association, the Lamond-Riggs Citizen’s Association, the Friends of the Lamond-Riggs Library, and The Parks Main Street—Riggs and Manor (a public-private partnership that helps small businesses thrive).

Held quarterly meetings for residents of ANC5A08 to keep his constituents well-informed and to hear their concerns. Also, published a quarterly newsletter.

Successfully co-led ANC5A’s opposition to two new liquor license requests in the Michigan Park area (one from an existing retailer, the other from a proposed new liquor store).

Attended citywide ANC Commissioner training, a citywide ANC Transportation Roundtable (which he organized), and other citywide events for ANC Commissioners. Contributed to the creation of community budget priorities for Mayoral review.

Initiated numerous ANC5A resolutions that were passed by the ANC5A Commission. Topics included conserving ANC5A08 parkland, D.C. government divestment from Wells Fargo Bank, and affordable housing.

Worked with constituents and the criminal justice system to bring felony charges against an ANC5A08 resident who terrorized neighbors with his dogs.

Worked with D.C.’s Department of Transportation (DDOT) and the National Park Service to improve the walkways through and next to Fort Totten Park. Also, worked with DDOT to get Residential Parking Permit signs installed near the Art Place at Fort Totten development.

Graduated with Cohort #7 from the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department’s Community Engagement Academy.

Assisted in forming a resident task force, “Communities Conquering Crime,” to address public safety issues in ANC5A08.

In 2017, 2018, and 2019, with cooperation from D.C. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, organized a free private tour of the Chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives at the U.S. Capitol. After the 2018 tour, Commissioner Fletcher provided for tour attendees free lunch at the North Michigan Park Recreation Center, courtesy of his fraternity brothers of the Washington, D.C. Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.
Finalized the negotiation of the Community Benefits Agreement with the developer of Fort Totten Mews, and verified the implementation of the Agreement.

Assisted Riggs Plaza Apartments residents with their relocation negotiations with the developer of Art Place at Fort Totten, and handled construction issues associated with Phase 1 of Art Place at Fort Totten. For Phase 2 of the development, established working relationships with the management team, as well as with the leadership of The Rocketship Charter School.

Met with Providence Hospital representatives to discuss their plans for the site.

Participated in drafting amendments to D.C.’s Comprehensive Plan for Development.

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